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2020-09-27T21:25:38.0433785Z parsedResultAction plugin: FAIL (1.57s)
2020-09-27T21:25:38.0465985Z test/src\Development\IDE\Test.hs:78:
2020-09-27T21:25:38.0483761Z Got unexpected diagnostics for Uri {getUri = "file:///C:/Users/VssAdministrator/AppData/Local/Temp/extra-dir-995071455928/Testing.hs"} got List [Diagnostic {_range = Range {_start = Position {_line = 0, _character = 0}, _end = Position {_line = 0, _character = 0}}, _severity = Just DsError, _code = Nothing, _source = Just "typecheck", _message = "Not in scope:\n type constructor or class \8216GHC.Records.Extra.HasField\8217\nPerhaps you meant \8216GHC.Records.Extra.HasField\8217 (imported from GHC.Records.Extra)\nModule \8216GHC.Records.Extra\8217 does not export \8216HasField\8217.", _tags = Nothing, _relatedInformation = Nothing}]
2020-09-27T21:25:42.0477134Z reloading-th-test: FAIL (expected: expect broken (#672)) (0.61s)
2020-09-27T21:25:42.0484200Z test/src\Development\IDE\Test.hs:44:
2020-09-27T21:25:42.0500694Z Could not find (DsError,(4,4),"Couldn't match expected type '()' with actual type 'Bool'",Nothing) in List [Diagnostic {_range = Range {_start = Position {_line = 6, _character = 0}, _end = Position {_line = 6, _character = 3}}, _severity = Just DsWarning, _code = Nothing, _source = Just "typecheck", _message = "Top-level binding with no type signature: foo :: ()", _tags = Nothing, _relatedInformation = Nothing}](expected failure)
2020-09-25T18:21:50.4680024Z cpp
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5209024Z cpp-error: FAIL
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5270656Z Exception: Timed out waiting to receive a message from the server.
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5293862Z Last message received:
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5308328Z {
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5399613Z "tag": "NotLogMessage",
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5402640Z "contents": {
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5432870Z "jsonrpc": "2.0",
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5433659Z "params": {
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5434367Z "type": 4,
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5434949Z "message": "finish: InitialLoad (took 0.00s)"
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5435548Z },
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5436241Z "method": "window/logMessage"
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5436783Z }
2020-09-25T18:22:51.5437210Z }
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