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Jack Newcombe jnewc

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# Fixes error:
# git: 'secrets' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
# More information:
brew install git
jnewc / NotesApp.swift
Last active Nov 30, 2019
A notes app written in >100 lines of swift using SwiftUI
View NotesApp.swift
// ContentView.swift
// Listomania
// Created by Jack Newcombe on 05/06/2019.
// Copyright © 2019 Jack Newcombe. All rights reserved.
import SwiftUI

swiftver - Swift versioning scheme

Currently Swift modules are mostly consumed using semantic versioning (i.e. using SPM or Cocoapods).

This scheme is a revised version of semantic versioning that links the major version of the latest Swift toolchain that the


MAJOR - Incremented when the project is updated to a new Swift language version. e.g. For Swift 4, this would be '4'.

jnewc / ConditionalExecutionOperators.swift
Last active Jun 28, 2017
Conditional Execution Operators
View ConditionalExecutionOperators.swift
/// Conditional execution operators
/// For a given argument:
/// * if the argument is truthy (i.e. true or non-nil), execute closure
/// * if the argument is falsy (i.e. false or nil), do not execute the closure
infix operator => : NilCoalescingPrecedence
public func =>(state: Bool, closure: @autoclosure () -> ()) {
if state { closure() }
jnewc / Logger.swift
Last active Feb 22, 2017
Class-based logger as a protocol extension
View Logger.swift
import Foundation
import Rainbow
public enum LogLevel: UInt {
case none = 0b0000
case debug = 0b0001
case info = 0b0011
case warn = 0b0111
case error = 0b1111
jnewc / NilRejectionExample.swift
Last active Feb 8, 2017
Nil-rejection operator example
View NilRejectionExample.swift
infix operator !! : NilCoalescingPrecedence
func !!<UnwrappedType: Any, ErrorType: Error>(lhs: Optional<UnwrappedType>, rhs: ErrorType) throws -> UnwrappedType {
guard let unwrappedValue = lhs else {
throw rhs
return unwrappedValue
jnewc / i2c_test.c
Last active Jul 17, 2018
i2c analog stick driver
View i2c_test.c
* i2c_test.c
#include <linux/slab.h> /* kzalloc */
#include <linux/module.h> /* Needed by all modules */
#include <linux/kernel.h> /* KERN_INFO */
#include <linux/timer.h> /* timer_list */
#include <linux/workqueue.h> /* schedule_work */
jnewc / reggie-gpio-keys.c
Created Apr 29, 2016
Reggie's gpio-keys driver
View reggie-gpio-keys.c
// Reggie added, simple gpio keys polled driver, adds button support via gpio
// will be useful for embedded devices, see gpio-mouse, gpio-fan and rotary-encoder
// for other examples of gpio access to devices from the linux kernel
// this will use GPIO4,17,21,22 as a simple test, they will be set to active_low
// so should have a pullup added to each pin and button tied to ground.
// We have to use polled at the moment because the current kernel doesn't have
// code to handle an interrupt driven gpio-keys driver, which would've been much nicer
// you should check the wiki to make sure that these gpio are correctly configured
// and see whether they are physically pulled up on the schematic, if they're not
// add a 10k pullup to the gpio-keys pins and tie the button to gnd
jnewc / elevator-saga-simple
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Elevator Saga Simple Algorithm ( < Challenge 6)
View elevator-saga-simple
init: function(elevators, floors) {
var findElevator = function() {
return _.find(elevators, function(e) { return e.loadFactor() < 0.5; });
var setupFloor = function(floor) {
floor.on('up_button_pressed', function(floorNum) {
console.log("UP: ", this.level);
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