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@jnicklas /wait_until.rb Secret
Created Nov 14, 2012

def wait_until
require "timeout"
Timeout.timeout(Capybara.default_wait_time) do
sleep(0.1) until value = yield

Give an example usage as well.


wait_until { page.should have_content("something") } @vishnun


After some research, found that wait_until has been removed from capybara 2.0.

In my case, I was able to wait for the page to have label text using the below:



@zacksiri That's exactly when you should not use wait_until :)



I liked the @CoinAge approach.


This snippet of code has worked really well for us. Ideally we would use the waiting_rspec_matchers gem: But we're on an older version of rspec so it isn't an option.

Here is the code we use to wait until the 'Content-Disposition' response header is present and then check that it is expected value.

wait_until { page.response_headers.include?('Content-Disposition') }
page.response_headers['Content-Disposition'].should include("expected value")
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