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Slide 3: Cross Compiler
- The NQP and Rakudo compilers are also cross-compilers by this definition,
since their output works on any platform
Slide 9: sysroot
- So if I follow, this is only relevant to compiling native code, and it says
where the headers etc. for that target platform live?
Slide 14:
- The MoarVM build process builds itself a minilua as a build tool. If I
follow, then we'd build it with HOSTCC, for example, but MoarVM itself
with CC, which is the cross-compile one
- "do not run target artifacts locally" - this one is a little interesting
for NQP and Rakudo, since build and target artefacts are byte-for-byte
equal. Let's take the Rakudo bootstrap since it's easier than the NQP one
(which is self-hosting). We build a bunch of NQP code to get a Perl 6
compiler. We then run that Perl 6 compiler on the built-ins library. How
does such bootstrapping play with cross-compiling? Should we, for example,
just copy each artefact we produce to another output location?
- Rakudo has one bit of C code when building for MoarVM. Since I guess we
need to run the Perl 6 compiler on the host, since we can't run any of
the artefacts we produce, I understand this to mean that in a cross-comp
case we should compile that library for both the host *and* the target?
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