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jnunemaker / gist:468109
Created Jul 8, 2010 — forked from jseifer/gist:468075
rvm version and git branch/dirtyness in prompt
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function __git_dirty {
git diff --quiet HEAD &>/dev/null
[ $? == 1 ] && echo "!"
function __git_branch {
__git_ps1 "(%s)"
function __my_rvm_ruby_version {
jnunemaker / oauth2_example.rb
Created Apr 22, 2010 — forked from technoweenie/oauth2_example.rb
oauth2, sinatra, faraday
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# see
require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'
require 'oauth2'
require 'json'
class ConnectionLogger < Faraday::Middleware
def call(env)
env[:response].on_complete do |env|
puts "RESULT: #{env[:status]}\n#{env[:body]}"
jnunemaker / mg
Created Mar 30, 2010 — forked from defunkt/gemspec
simple gemspec generator
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Usage: generate a blank gemspec, for defunkt
abort "pass a name" unless name = ARGV[0]
date ='%Y-%m-%d')
puts <<spec do |s| = "#{name}"
s.version = "0.1.0"
jnunemaker / application.js
Created Mar 3, 2010 — forked from bkeepers/application.js
browser cookie timezone stuff
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jQuery(function() {
$.cookie('tz', (new Date()).getTimezoneOffset());
View gist:311068
require "rack/openid"
require "warden"
use Rack::OpenID
use Warden::Manager do |manager|
Warden::Strategies.add(:openid) do
def authenticate!
if resp = env["rack.openid.response"]
case resp.status
when :success
View url_dsl.rb
require 'open-uri'
# url dsl -- the ultimate url dsl!
# You just can't beat this:
# $ irb -r url_dsl
# >> include URLDSL
# => Object
# >>
jnunemaker / gist:217362
Created Oct 24, 2009 — forked from lukesutton/gist:107966
example of warden with sinatra
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Warden::Manager.serialize_into_session{|user| }
Warden::Manager.serialize_from_session{|id| User.get(id) }
Warden::Manager.before_failure do |env,opts|
# Sinatra is very sensitive to the request method
# since authentication could fail on any type of method, we need
# to set it for the failure app so it is routed to the correct block
View Tests Is Wrong
In response to all the responses to:
You should never do this in a source file included with your library,
app, or tests:
require 'rubygems'
The system I use to manage my $LOAD_PATH is not your library/app/tests
View gist:214858
# Example from Rick Olson's Sparklines middleware
module Rack
class Sparklines
def initialize(app, options = {})
@app, @options = app, options
def call(env)
if env['PATH_INFO'][@options[:prefix]] == @options[:prefix]
jnunemaker / result.txt
Created Oct 19, 2009 — forked from semanticart/result.txt
troubleshooting mongo mapper issue for someone
View result.txt
$ ruby test_custom_data.rb
Loaded suite test_custom_data
Finished in 0.018501 seconds.
1) Failure:
test_creating_a_thing_with_a_foo(MyTest) [test_custom_data.rb:58]:
<"--- !ruby/object:Foo \nfirst: 1st\nsecond: 2nd\n"> expected but was
<#<Foo:0x1023a5ce8 @first="1st", @second="2nd">>.
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