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@joakimk joakimk/Update.elm
Last active Sep 22, 2016

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One attempt at simple adding or updating a record in a list in Elm
import UpdateList exposing (addOrUpdateById)
update msg model =
case msg of
NewOrUpdatedItem item ->
({model | items = model.items |> addOrUpdateById item}, Cmd.none)
module UpdateList exposing (addOrUpdateById)
type alias Identifyable a = { a | id : Int }
addOrUpdateById : Identifyable a -> List (Identifyable a) -> List (Identifyable a)
addOrUpdateById record list =
if isNewRecord record list then
List.concat [ [ record ], list ]
else (updateById record) list
updateById : Identifyable a -> Identifyable a -> Identifyable a
updateById record r =
if == then
isNewRecord : Identifyable a -> List (Identifyable a) -> Bool
isNewRecord record list =
|> (\r ->
|> List.member
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