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Created May 29, 2019
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quick faust code review
import faust
app = faust.App(id="test",broker="kafka://localhost:9092",store="memory://")
# convenience func for launching the app
def main() -> None:
# Input topic, NOT managed by Faust. Marked
input_topic = app.topic('input', internal=False, partitions=1, value_type=str)
# Faust will create this topic for us.
colors_topic = app.topic('colors_topic', internal=True, partitions=1, value_type=str)
# Output, also NOT managed by Faust.
output_topic = app.topic('output', internal=False, partitions=1, value_type=str)
# Let's define a table to keep the count of valid RGB colors.
colors_count_table = app.Table('colors-count', key_type=str, value_type=int, partitions=1, default=int)
VALID_WORDS = ["red", "green", "blue"]
async def filter_colors(words):
async for word in words:
if word in VALID_WORDS:
await colors_topic.send(value=word)
async def colors_count(colors):
async for color in colors:
colors_count_table[color] += 1
print(f'{color} has now been seen {colors_count_table[color]} times')
await output_topic.send(value=colors_count_table[color])
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