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Created October 10, 2021 23:02
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gcal keywords
americanfootball: American Football, Football, Super Bowl, Superbowl
archery: archery
art: art workshop, art workshops, drawing workshop, painting, sketching workshop
artisticgymnastics: artistic gymnastics
athleticsjumping: Jumping
athleticsthrowing: discus, hammer throw, javelin, shot put
babyshower: baby shower, babyshower, maternity
backtoschool: back 2 school, back to school, back2school, backtoschool, first day of school, first school day
badminton: badminton
baseball: baseball
basketball: basketball
bbq: barbecue, barbeque, bbq
beer: beer, beers, October Fest, Octoberfest, Oktoberfest
billiard: billiard
bookclub: book club, reading
bowling: bowling
boxing: Boxing
breakfast: breakfast, breakfasts, brunch, brunches
camping: camping
carmaintenance: auto maintenance, auto mechanic, auto repair, car maintenance, car mechanic, car repair, tire change, tire replacement
chinesenewyear: Chinese Lunar New Year, chinese new year, Chinese New Year, chinese new year's, chinese new years, Vietnamese New Year
cinema: cinema, movie, movies
clean: clean house, clean the apartment, clean the house, tidy up, vacuum clean, vacuum cleaning
climbing: bouldering, climbing
code: Codecademy, coding time, Computer Science, hackathon, Hour of Code, learn to code, Programming in Java, Programming in Python, Rails Girls, Railsgirls, Web Development, Web Programming
coffee: coffee, coffees
concert: concert, concerts, gig, gigs
cooking: cook dinner, cook lunch, cook meal, cooking, make dinner, make lunch, prepare dinner, prepare lunch, prepare meal
cricket: cricket competition, cricket game, cricket match
cycling: bicycle, bicycles, bike, bikes, Biking, cycling, Mountain Bike, Mountain Biking
cyclingbmx: BMX
dancing: ballet, dance, dances, dancing
datenight: candle light dinner, candlelight dinner, date night, datenight, romantic dinner
dentist: dental, dentist, dentistry, teeth cleaning
dinner: dinner, dinners, Family meal, restaurant, restaurants
drinks: Bachelorette Party, cocktail, cocktails, drinks, Hen do, Hen night, Ladies night, Stag and Doe, Stag do, Stag night, stag party, wine bar, wine night
equestrian: Dressage, Equestrian, Eventing, Horse riding, Horseriding
fencing: Fencing
fieldhockey: Field hockey
gamenight: board game, board games, boardgame, boardgames
genericnewyear: New Year, new year's, new years
golf: golf
graduation: graduation
gym: crossfit, fitness center, fitness class, fitness evaluation, fitness program, fitness test, fitness training, gym, weight lifting, weightlifting, workout, workouts
haircut: hair, haircut, hairdresser
halloween: All Hallows' Eve, All Saints' Eve, Allhalloween, hallowe'en, halloween, helloween
handball: Handball
handcraft: crochet, embroidery, felting, handicraft, knitting, millinery, patchwork, quilting, sewing
hiking: hike, hikes, hiking
islamicnewyear: Hijri New Year, Islamic New Year, Parsi New Year
karate: Aikido, jiu jitsu, jiu-jitsu, judo, Jujutsu, karate, martial arts, taekwondo
kayaking: Canoe, Canoeing, kayaking
learninstrument: cello, choir, choir practice, clarinet, classical music, contrabass, cornett, flute, guitar lesson, music Class, music ensemble, oboe, orchestra, piano, saxophone, singing, string quartett, trombone, trumpet, tuba
learnlanguage: <language> Class, <language> Course, Practice <language>, where language is one of: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese
lunch: lunch, luncheon, lunches
manicure: manicure, manicures, pedicure, pedicures
mardigras: Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Mardigras, Shrove Tuesday
massage: back rub, backrub, massage, massages
nowruz: Nowruz, Persian New Year
oilchange: car service, oil change
pingpong: ping pong, ping-pong, pingpong, table tennis
planmyday: plan day, plan quarter, plan vacation, plan week, vacation planning, week planning
pride: christopher street day, dyke march, euro pride, europride, Gay & lesbian, gay and lesbian, gay lesbian, gay parade, gay pride, gaygler, gayglers, lesbian march, lesbian parade, lesbian pride, world pride, worldpride
quinceanera: quinceanera
reachout: reach out to, send invitations, write letter
read: ebook, newspaper, reading
repair: DIY, electrician, fridge repair, handyman, plumber
rhythmicgymnastics: rhythmic gymnastics
rowing: Head of the Charles, Head of the River Race, May Bumps, Rowing
rugbysevens: Rugby
running: jog, jogging, jogs, running, sprinting, track & field, Track and field
sailing: boat cruise, sail, sailboat, sailing
saintpatricksday: St Patrick's, St Patricks
santa: Father Christmas, Santa Claus
shooting: competitive shooting, shooting competition, shooting sport, shooting sports
skiing2: ski, skiing, skis, snow boarding, snow shoe, Snowboarding, snowshoeing
sleep: nap, napping, relaxing, resting, sleep, sleeping
soccer: soccer
swimming: Diving, swim, swimming, swims, Synchronized Swimming
tennis: tennis
thanksgiving: thanksgiving
theatreopera: opera, theater, theatre
triathlon: triathlon
valentinesday: Valentine Day, Valentine's Day, Valentines Day
videogaming: AGDQ, Games Done Quick, SGDQ, video game, video games, video gaming, Videogames, Videogaming
violin2: violin, violins
volleyball: Volleyball
walk: going for a walk, walking
walkingdog: dog sitting, dog walker, dog walking, dogsitting, take dog out, take out dog, walk dog, walk the dog
waterpolo: Water polo, waterpolo
wedding: wedding, wedding eve, wedding-eve party, weddings
wrestling: Wrestling
xmas: Boxing Day, christmas, x-mas, xmas
xmasmeal: <holiday> brunch, <holiday> dinner, <holiday> lunch, <holiday> luncheon, where <holiday> is in christmas, christmas eve, x-mas, xmas, x-mas, x-mas eve
xmasparty: christmas eve party, christmas party, x-mas eve party, x-mas party, xmas eve party, xmas party
yoga: yoga
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