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morsdyce /
Last active March 7, 2019 15:44
Introduction to BDSM - ReactiveConf Lightning talk proposal

This is a proposal for a lightning talk at the Reactive 2016 conference.

🌟Star this gist if you want to see it on the conference.

Introduction to BDSM

Every day we work with multiple teams to build our products, communication and sync are key factors to deliver your product on time without compromising quality.

In this talk I will introduce BDSM a new mocking tool that will change the way you coordinate between client and server teams minimizing friction allowing each team to work at its own pace while keeping in sync.

SteveBenner / conditional-html-tags.rb
Last active October 18, 2019 02:58
Helper [tag] for generating one or more HTML tags inside IE conditional comments, in the style of HTML5 Boilerplate
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# This is a special tag helper that generates multiple HTML tags in the style of HTML5 Boilerplate,
# meaning each is placed within an IE conditional comment and has special classes applied to it.
# One tag is created for each version of Internet Explorer specified in the first argument.
# @see
# @note This helper requires a Slim block!
# @note The output of this helper must be HTML escaped!
# @param [Range] ie_versions A range of IE versions to generate code for, in which the
joaomilho / peano.ts
Created November 3, 2020 16:43
Fully typed arithmetics with TypeScript 😨
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type Nat = ["S", Nat] | ["Z"];
type Succ<N extends Nat> = ["S", N]
type S<N extends Nat> = Succ<N>
type Prev<N extends Nat> = N[1]
type Z = ["Z"]
type Zero = Z
type One = S<Z>
type Two = S<S<Z>>
joaomilho / log.ts
Last active September 17, 2022 06:41
A printf with dependant types in TypeScript, similar to Idris (
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type FieldType<Field> =
's' extends Field ? string :
'f' extends Field ? number :
'i' extends Field ? number :
'd' extends Field ? number :
'o' extends Field ? HTMLElement :
'O' extends Field ? object :
'c' extends Field ? string :
pivstone /
Last active April 17, 2023 15:06
My Musicals List

Westend (Westend)

Recommened (& Watched)

  • Come from away
  • Kinky Boots
  • Everybody's talking about Jamie
  • The book of Mormon
  • Oklahoma! (the new version, not the old one)


coolaj86 /
Last active April 17, 2023 19:19
How to publish packages to NPM

Getting Started with NPM (as a developer)

As easy as 1, 2, 3!


  • Aug, 08, 2022 update config docs for npm 8+
  • Jul 27, 2021 add private scopes
  • Jul 22, 2021 add dist tags
  • Jun 20, 2021 update for --access=public
  • Sep 07, 2020 update docs for npm version
hediet /
Last active June 3, 2023 13:30
Proof that TypeScript's Type System is Turing Complete
type StringBool = "true"|"false";

interface AnyNumber { prev?: any, isZero: StringBool };
interface PositiveNumber { prev: any, isZero: "false" };

type IsZero<TNumber extends AnyNumber> = TNumber["isZero"];
type Next<TNumber extends AnyNumber> = { prev: TNumber, isZero: "false" };
type Prev<TNumber extends PositiveNumber> = TNumber["prev"];