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How to publish packages to NPM

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Getting Started with NPM (as a developer)

If you haven't already set your NPM author info, now you should:

npm set "Your Name"
npm set ""
npm set ""

npm adduser

Then create a package.json and publish it:

cd /path/to/your-project
npm init

npm install -g pakmanager
# this shows you dependencies as you `require`d them
pakmanager deps
# now edit `package.json` and add any deps you forgot about

npm publish ./

More Info:


If you haven't already installed npm, or you'd like the latest version:


curl | sh


curl | sudo sh

This should be added to NPM docs!

How we can create a npm module with test folder and run test with npm test?
For example, test.js

var assert = require('assert'),
    addmodule = require('../../add');

    function (err, data) {

If I have test.js inside test folder. Does above code of test.js will be run with command npm test in node packaged module?

All you need to do is to add a script attribute in package.json, e.g., add following attribute

"name" : "...",
"scripts": {
    "test": "node ./test/test"

:) awesome, thank you, my first npm just deployed

edit (4 months alter): awesome, helped me again :-) ! thanks

Amazing. This ought to be the no.1 hit on Google for deploying NPM packages. Thanks.

Thanks, it helped me a lot!

When doing npm adduser, I got an error saying "Error: default value must be string or number", so I had to edit /home/username/.npmrc to only have:

email =


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