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Snippet related to NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Move taken from the code that is used to keep two collections in sync.
case NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Move:
// Loosely based on
int newIndex = e.NewStartingIndex;
int oldIndex = e.OldStartingIndex;
int itemsCount = e.OldItems.Count;
// get a copy of the items that are to be moved
List<T> items = otherList.Skip(oldIndex).Take(itemsCount).ToList();
// remove from old indexes
otherList.RemoveRange(oldIndex, itemsCount);
// adjust for index shifts caused by removal
if (newIndex > oldIndex)
newIndex -= itemsCount;
// insert at the new index
otherList.InsertRange(newIndex, items);

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@joaoportela joaoportela commented Aug 22, 2018

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