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How I accidentally my Ubuntu installation

I was running a vanilla Ubuntu 13.10 installation improved with GNOME Shell and gdm.

Up popped a small window on my screen telling me about Trusty Tahr, I clicked OK. The Trusty Tahr window disabled some PPAs and started downloading the fresh trusty packages, then setting them up. Somewhere in the middle of the setting up Tahr spoke to me that an error had occured and that the system migth well be unusable. Behind the words i could see that dpkg was wailing over a read-only filesystem.

The Trusty Tahr was right. As I rebooted my laptop cryptsetup told me there was an error with the disk. After some digging and fscking I went and bought a new disk.

Using a Fedora Live CD I set up the new disk with two partitions, one 243MB ext2 for boot and one btrfs for root and ran cp -av /media/old/* /media/new.

I'm currently sitting in chroot /media/new and trying to resolve the hell that was brought upon dpkg and apt when the old disk failed.

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