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Using unicode in your SSID on ASUS RT-AC66U, in ASUSWRT

Using unicode in your SSID on ASUS RT-AC66U


This might void your warranty. Do it on your own risk.

I'm using the 🐟 emoji character as my SSID, because I like to be special.

How I do it

Open the Wireless admin page in Chrome or Chromium.

  1. Enter your unicode SSID in the ASUSWRT admin.

  2. Open Chrome Dev Tools (CTRL+SHIF+I, I as in Inspector).

  3. Put your cursor in the Console panel of Chrome Dev Tools.

  4. Paste

    validator.stringSSID = function () {
        console.log('fake stringSSID', arguments);
        return true;

    in your console and press ENTER. This will override the JavaScript function in ASUSWRT that rejects unicode characters.

  5. Press the Apply button in ASUSWRT. The network should be saved without problems.

Potential issues

In the latest firmware from ASUS, the unicode SSID is decoded incorrectly. This makes the left panel in ASUSWRT disappear. There are two solutions:

  • Go to and change the SSID back to a non-unicode SSID.

For those that like digging

  1. Open the Chrome Dev Tools (CTRL+SHIF+I, I as in Inspector).

  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F, this should open a search input.

  3. Enter applyRule in the search input. There should be two results

    242 function applyRule(){
    803 <input type="button" id="applyButton" class="button_gen" value="Apply" onclick="applyRule();">
  4. Click on function applyRule(){. This will open Advanced Wireless_Content.asp in the Dev Tools main panel.

  5. Press CTRL+F and enter stringSSID. This will show you the call to the function that rejects Unicode characters.

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Thats awesome! <3

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l-g commented Dec 17, 2018

Hmm, I don't understand. According to the release notes for Version at

"- Support multi-language (UTF-8) network name"

but when I try to enter something like Å as SSID it get a warning. Am I misunderstanding something?

Furthermore, how do you change your snippet if I want to change the name of the guest network (the first 2.4 GHz-network if that matters)?

Thank you :-)

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notflip commented May 1, 2019

Working on RT-AC51U!

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idlpar commented Mar 21, 2022

Worked Perfectly with ASUS RT-N12+

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