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Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument characterp "Fabians anteckningar 22 mars.pdf")
mapconcat(#[257 "\2119\203 \300!\207\211\247\203\301!\207\207" [symbol-name number-to-string] 3 "\n\n(fn I)"] (("Fabians anteckningar 22 mars.pdf") ("Forelasning 29 mars 1861-1917.pdf") ("Forelasning 5 april Sovjetunionens uppgang och fall.pdf") ("Forelasning Den aldsta ryska historien 1 feb.pdf") ("Forelasning Ikoner 22 mars.pdf") ("Forelasning Introduktion 25 jan.pdf") ("Forelasning Katarina II - 1800-talets forsta halft 15 feb.pdf") ("Forelasning Ryskt 1600-tal 8 feb.pdf") ("Forelasning Ryskt 1700-tal Peter den store 8 feb.pdf") ("Musikhistoria Ryssland Uppsala 2017 Musiklista.pdf") ("Naverbrev-Novgorod.pdf") ("Tentamen 151127.pdf") ("Tentamen 160513.pdf") ("Tentamen 161214.pdf") ("")) "\n")
helm-init-candidates-in-buffer(global (("Fabians anteckningar 22 mars.pdf") ("Forelasning 29 mars 1861-1917.pdf") ("Forelasning 5 april Sovjetunionens uppgang och fall.pdf") ("Forelasning Den aldsta ryska
jocap / MathLayer.ahk
Last active Aug 29, 2015
The Space Cadet `Top` key for Windows. (Inspired by
View MathLayer.ahk
; MathLayer.ahk
; Created by John Ankarström (jocap)
; Inspired by Steve Losh:
; Compatible with US key layout
; Todo: Caps Lock support
; Issues: Selecting with LShift + arrow keys doesn't work great, RShift + arrow keys doesn't work at all
global MathMode := 0
jocap / draw_line_between.js
Created Mar 27, 2014
Draw a line between two coordinates (pixels). According to my calculations, Dx should be divided by 2, but for some reason in reality, it shouldn't. Hm.
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function draw_line_between(ax, ay, bx, by)
var comp_x = ax - bx
var comp_y = ay - by
var _angle = Math.atan(comp_y/comp_x)*180/Math.PI // Yes, I like my angles in degrees...
var _distance = Math.sqrt(Math.abs(comp_x*comp_x + comp_y*comp_y))
var div = document.createElement("div")
var Dy = Math.cos((180-90-_angle)*(Math.PI/180))*(_distance/2);
var Dx = Math.sin((90-(180-_angle)/2)*(Math.PI/180))*Math.sin((_angle/2)*(Math.PI/180))*(_distance)
jocap / ArmaDev.bat
Last active Dec 24, 2015
Arma + Sublime Text Development Environment Change all three of E:\Doccuments\Arma... to your Arma missions path. Make sure that your Sublime Text installation directory is in your PATH (add ;your_install_dir to Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> PATH -> Edit)
View ArmaDev.bat
@echo off
set /a c=1
for /f "usebackq delims=|" %%f in (`dir /b "E:\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\JohnAJ\missions"`) do (
set files[!c!]=%%f
echo !c!, %%f
set /a c+=1
View app.rb
get '/archive' do
@articles = Article.all :limit => 10, :order => 'created_at'
erb :articles # or haml, whatever
get '/archive/:permalink' do |permalink|
@article = Article.first :permalink => permalink
erb :article
View database.rb
def text(text, htmloutput = true)
if htmloutput
return text.rm_ln
return text.rm_ln!
View database.rb
require "dm-core"
require "dm-migrations"
# Configure DataMapper
DataMapper.setup(:default, ENV['DATABASE_URL'] || "sqlite3://database.db")
# model Article
class Article
include DataMapper::Resource
jocap / app.rb
Created Dec 5, 2010
Ruby Pagination Logic with DataMapper and Sinatra:
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# @app.rb
require "ruby_pagination_logic"
get '/page/:page' do |page|
@page = page.to_i
limit = 5
offset = RPL::paginate @page, limit
@post = Post.all :limit => limit, :offset => offset, :order => 'date'
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