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Jochen van Wylick jochenvw

  • Microsoft
  • Amsterdam
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View loadbalancer-with-diagnostics.bicep
Deploys a opinionated network foundation - work in progress
- Log analytics workspace
- VNET with default subnets
- Diagnostics settings for all resources - pushing all logs+metrics to the log analytics workspace
var resourceNamePrefix = 'jvw-lbspike'
var resourceLocation = 'westeurope'
View HTTPPostCachingPolicy.xml
<!-- Custom caching policy for on HTTP POST for Azure API Management:
1. Policy looks in the Request body - 'cacheKey' property which then used as cache key.
Expected values are: <null>, ALL or NOEXPIRED
Defaults to ALL in case <null>
2. Cache expiration set to 60 seconds/1 minute
<base />