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Script for Hazel to create a text file task report from OmniFocus
on hazelProcessFile(theFile)
set filePath to "/Users/JoeBuhlig/Dropbox/Text/TaskReports/" -- Where to save the resulting text file (Be sure to add the trailing "/")
-- Create the new filename as YYYYMMDD.txt
set todayDate to current date
set yestDate to todayDate - 1 * days
set {year:y, month:m, day:d} to yestDate
set fileName to y * 10000
set fileName to fileName + (m * 100)
set fileName to fileName + d
-- Set the starting date of the report
set startDate to todayDate - 1 * days
set startDate's hours to 0
set startDate's minutes to 0
set startDate's seconds to 0
-- Set the ending date of the report
set endDate to todayDate - 1 * days
set endDate's hours to 23
set endDate's minutes to 59
set endDate's seconds to 59
-- Create the blank report to build from
set reportText to ""
tell application "OmniFocus"
tell front document
set theProjects to every flattened project where its modification date is greater than startDate and modification date is less than endDate
repeat with a from 1 to length of theProjects
set currentProj to item a of theProjects
set theTasks to (every flattened task of currentProj where its completed = true and completion date is greater than startDate and completion date is less than endDate)
if theTasks is not equal to {} then
set reportText to reportText & return & return & "------------------------------" & return & name of currentProj & return
repeat with b from 1 to length of theTasks
set currentTask to item b of theTasks
set completedDate to completion date of currentTask
set completedTime to time string of completedDate
set reportText to reportText & return & name of currentTask & " ----- " & completedTime
end repeat
end if
end repeat
if reportText is equal to "" then
reportText = "Nothing completed for this day."
end if
set runTime to date string of (todayDate - 1 * days)
set reportText to runTime & return & return & reportText
set newFile to open for access filePath & fileName & ".txt" with write permission
write reportText to newFile
close access newFile
end tell -- end tell front document
end tell -- end tell application "OmniFocus"
end hazelProcessFile
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