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Last active March 28, 2022 14:28
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#!/usr/bin/env python3.7
# Import iterm2 library
import iterm2
async def main(connection):
# Get current window
app = await iterm2.async_get_app(connection)
window = app.current_terminal_window
if window is not None:
# Create new tab, get session and print text
tab = await window.async_create_tab()
session = tab.current_session
# \n is crucial as it simulates Enter.
await session.async_send_text('echo "hello world from main pane"\n')
# Create new pane on the right and print text
pane2 = await session.async_split_pane(vertical=True)
await pane2.async_send_text('echo "hello world from pane 1"\n')
# Create new pane at the bottom of pane2 and print text
pane3 = await pane2.async_split_pane(vertical=False)
await pane3.async_send_text('echo "hello world from pane 2"\n')
# Create new pane at the bottom of main pane (session) and print text
pane4 = await session.async_split_pane(vertical=False)
await pane4.async_send_text('echo "hello world from pane 3"\n')
print("No current window")
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