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$ssHrefs = array();
if (isset($stylesheets)):
foreach ($stylesheets as $ss):
$href = '/dist/styles/' . $ss;
$ssHrefs[] = $href;
// "Server-side render" the link elements
echo '<link rel="stylesheet" href="' . $href . '" />';
$stylesheetsJSON = sizeof($ssHrefs) > 0 ? json_encode($ssHrefs) : '';
<div id="barba-wrapper" data-behavior="StylesheetLoader">
<?php if ($stylesheetsJSON): // Allows Barba to read the latest required stylesheets ?>
data-StylesheetLoader-hrefs='<?php echo $stylesheetsJSON; ?>'
<?php endif; ?>
import Barba from 'barba.js';
import createBehavior from '../helpers/createBehavior';
const StylesheetLoader = createBehavior('StylesheetLoader', {
getStylesheetHrefs(container) {
const hrefs = container.getAttribute('data-StylesheetLoader-hrefs');
if (hrefs) {
return JSON.parse(hrefs);
return [];
}, {
init() {
this.stylesheetHrefs = this.getStylesheetHrefs(document.querySelector('.barba-container'));
Barba.Dispatcher.on('newPageReady', (currentStatus, oldStatus, container) => {
const nextStylesheetHrefs = this.getStylesheetHrefs(container);
const enteringStylesheetHrefs = nextStylesheetHrefs.slice(0);
this.stylesheetHrefs.forEach(href => {
if (nextStylesheetHrefs.includes(href)) {
// Not a new stylesheet
const enteringIndex = enteringStylesheetHrefs.indexOf(href);
enteringStylesheetHrefs.splice(enteringIndex, 1);
} else {
// Delete the <link>
document.head.querySelector('link[href="' + href + '"]').remove();
enteringStylesheetHrefs.forEach(href => {
const link = document.createElement('link');
link.rel = 'stylesheet';
link.href = href;
this.stylesheetHrefs = nextStylesheetHrefs;
export default StylesheetLoader;

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@joecritch joecritch commented Jul 13, 2017

This behavior injects stylesheet <link /> elements, based on the dependencies for a particular page. This is useful for a PJAX pattern where the navigated-to pages have their own stylesheets.

You can do a similar thing by just including <link> elements directly in the body. However, because of the way Chrome handles links in the body, you'll get a flash of unstyled content on every page change (even if the stylesheet is cached). It's a pretty jarring experience. The advantage of doing it via JavaScript is that, if the stylesheet dependency exists on both the old and new page, it will keep the reference.

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