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@joedevivo joedevivo/Makefile
Last active Apr 27, 2016

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An easy Makefile for rebar3

Here's an easy makefile for rebar3. All it does is download rebar3 into your project's './rebar3' if you don't have it already on your path. make all just tells rebar to do everything. So even people with no exposure to rebar3 can build your project.

The End.

# If there is a rebar in the current directory, use it
ifeq ($(wildcard rebar3),rebar3)
REBAR3 = $(CURDIR)/rebar3
# Fallback to rebar on PATH
REBAR3 ?= $(shell test -e `which rebar3` 2>/dev/null && which rebar3 || echo "./rebar3")
# And finally, prep to download rebar if all else fails
ifeq ($(REBAR3),)
REBAR3 = $(CURDIR)/rebar3
all: $(REBAR3)
@$(REBAR3) do clean, compile, eunit, ct, dialyzer
rel: all
@$(REBAR3) release
curl -Lo rebar3 $(REBAR3_URL) || wget $(REBAR3_URL)
chmod a+x rebar3

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etrepum commented Jun 13, 2015

👍 Might be cool to do that curl/wget atomically, curl -Lo (or -LO) will definitely write a partial file if the transfer gets truncated, not sure how wget behaves.


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jaredmorrow commented Jun 13, 2015

Here's how you'd fix it for solaris (just replace rebar3 for rebar)


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