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ruby-oci8 + Oracle Instant Client install for Ruby 1.9.3 Probably works fine for other versions of Ruby or instant client too. Install ruby-oci8 + Oracle instant client in < 20 minutes
mkdir -p /opt/oracle
cd /opt/oracle
ls -t ~/Downloads/ | head -n 3
mv ~/Downloads/ .
mv ~/Downloads/ .
mv ~/ .
for item in `ls inst*`
unzip $item
# inflating: instantclient_11_2/BASIC_README
# inflating: instantclient_11_2/adrci
# inflating: instantclient_11_2/genezi
# ...
cd instantclient_11_2
export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`
# NOTE: You probably want to put this in your .profile so it's available next time you want to compile oracle
# /opt/oracle/instantclient_11_2
ln -s libclntsh.dylib.11.1 libclntsh.dylib
gem install ruby-oci8 -v '2.1.5'
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