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Some example code for upcoming data fusion tools in recordlinkage.
# Initialize
fuse = rl.FuseLinks(unique_a=False, unique_b=False)
# Queue inclusion of non-conflicting columns
fuse.keep(['dfa_col_1', 'dfa_col_2', 'dfa_col_3'], ['dfb_col_1', 'dfb_col_2', 'dfb_col_3'])
# Queue conflict resolution jobs
fuse.no_gossiping('col1', 'col2', name='no_gossip')
fuse.roll_the_dice('col1', 'col2', name='random')
fuse.trust_your_friends('col1', 'col2', trusted='b', name='trust_b')
fuse.trust_your_friends('col1', 'col2', trusted='a', name='trust_a')
fuse.pass_it_on('col1', 'col2', name='group')
fuse.cry_with_the_wolves('col1', 'col2', name='wolves')
fuse.meet_in_the_middle('col1', 'col2', 'sum', name='sum')
fuse.meet_in_the_middle('col1', 'col2', 'mean', name='mean')
fuse.meet_in_the_middle('col1', 'col2', 'stdev', name='stdev')
fuse.meet_in_the_middle('col1', 'col2', 'variance', name='var')
# Perform conflict resolution and data fusion
fused = fuse.fuse(comp.vectors, comp.df_a, comp.df_b)
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