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Podcasting Gear List


Heil PR40 Package -

This is a great deal, and is a perfect mic for this stuff.

OC White Boom -

The kit comes with a boom. It is decent, I guess, but this OC White boom is badass prostyle with a 4' reach and a 15" riser that lets it live behind my monitor.

DBX 166xs Compressor/Limiter -

The compressor keeps levels in check. I can talk with a whisper or scream into the mic and the levels stay consistent.

Warm Tone Beast -

This isn't strictly necessary, but really adds a lot to the overall tone and quality of the recording. I love it, but it was definitely an extravagance ;)

Allen&Heath Zed-10 -

This takes all the input, gives you some EQ, and has the USB out. There are probably other options here, but this is high quality and does the job very well.

Vali Headphone Amp -

Little tube amp for headphone monitors

Beyerdynamic headphones -

These are monitors, so they are different than "normal" cans. They sound "real".

Cambridge Audio - Azur DacMagic 100 - Digital-to Analogue Converter -

This is arguably for music more than my voice, but this bypasses the internal DAC in my MBA and gives much (MUCH) better sound quality out of the computer to the mixer for playback.

4u rack -

Need to keep my desk pretty!

That's it! lol

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Wow - great collection! Thanks

Copy link Thanks.

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This gear list is really helpful. Curious though, the pro-audio equipment (especially the warm tone)... for podcasting and the like, couldn't that be handled through software? Definitely not as "pure" but that might be a decent tradeoff if the price difference is nearing $1k.

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Nice keyboard broski


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