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Optical Character Recognition with node.js and Tesseract. Check your console for the results...
var ncr = require('nodecr')
, request = require('request')
, fs = require('fs')
, test_img = '' // Change this to your image
// Create image name from end of URL.
// Note this will fail in loads of cases.
var imgName = test_img.split('/').pop()
// Process the image and read the text from it using Tesseract
function ncrHandler(){
ncr.process(__dirname + '/' + imgName,function(err, text){
if(err) return console.error(err)
console.log("Here is the text: \n")
}, 'eng', 6)
// Fetch the image, pipe it to a writeable stream and then fire
// ncrHandler...
request(test_img, ncrHandler).pipe(fs.createWriteStream(imgName))
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