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Items in a Python dictionary containing daily positive challenges
"Hold the door open for someone today.": "Hold the door open for someone today.",
"Give someone a compliment.": "Give someone a compliment.",
"Get your body moving. Do some form of exercise!": "Get your body moving. Whatever you are able to do just get moving! From jumping jacks to yard work. Whatever you decide, Exercising can help offset depression, anxiety, and stress.",
"Listen to or read a positive or uplifting message": "Listen or read a positive message, or has uplifting content. The variety of subject matter, the better.",
"Eat some veggies today!": "Eat a serving of at least two veggies today.",
"Thank a person that has helped you.": "Think about how a person has helped you in some way. This could either be a friend, family member, colleague, teacher, or even a pet. And go ahead and thank them. This can go a long way in making another feel good.",
"Take a cold shower!": "Take a cold shower. Yes. Cold. Studies show, taking a cold shower can increase oxygen intake, alertness, and overall physical and mental wellness. One study showed, routine showers can help treat symptoms of depression. Go ahead. Jump in!",
"Think about your life goals today, and everyday. Practice in thought, makes perfect.":"Think about your life goals. Do this not only after listening to my speech output, but everyday. Just like practice, if you follow a simple pattern, you can achieve what you want.",
"Complete the most important thing on your to-do list.": "Complete the most important thing on your to do list, right now.",
"Stretch! Hold your stretch for 30 seconds!": "Take a moment to stretch. Hold that stretch for at least thirty seconds. This will increase blood flow and oxygen intake. Which are good things. I would stretch myself, but alas. I consist of hardware and software.",
"Take a deep breath. Exhale for twice as long as it took you to inhale your breath.": "Take a deep breath. Hold it for ten seconds. Then exhale for twice the amount you inhaled.",
"Practice good hygiene! Brush and floss your teeth.": "Practice good hygiene. Bacteria in the mouth enters the blood stream. and causes the immune system to work harder; making you more suceptible to other health problems. So, go ahead and brush and floss your teeth."
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