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import List
import qualified Data.Map as Map
-- Given as stdin
-- presents
-- serpents
-- no
-- on
-- whatever
-- Expected Output:
-- [["serpents","presents"],["on","no"]]
-- This version only displays words that have more than one
-- match in the list, and sorts by the words that got the most matches.
-- Can we do the map bit better?
main = do
input <- getContents
print $ anagrams $ lines input
anagrams words =
sorted_anagrams = sortBy sorter filtered_anagrams
sorter a b = compare (length b) (length a)
filtered_anagrams = Map.elems $ Map.filter filter_function all_anagrams
filter_function words = length words > 1
all_anagrams = do_anagrams words Map.empty
do_anagrams [] result = result
do_anagrams words result = do_anagrams
(tail words)
(Map.fromList [(sorted_current_word, [current_word])])
current_word = head words
sorted_current_word = sort current_word
input ="\n")
result =[])
input.each do |word|
sorted_word = word.split('').sort.join
result[sorted_word] += [word]
values = result.values.sort { |a, b| b.size <=> a.size }
p values[0..3]
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