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These are common markdown tricks.

These are in addition to resources from here

How To Do Some Simple Markdown Stuff in Gist

Add a Figure

The most annoying thing about putting a figure in these markdown Gists, if you have to upload that image separtely somewhere online. See here. Once you have the path to your image, the syntax is simple:

![Figure01]( Produces something like this: Figure01

In this video I show you how we get above to show up:

After I made the above, a collleague noted that you can simply drag or paste an image into the "Comment" window in the Gist, and it will immediately upload and make a URL (and markdown you need) that you can copy and paste into your markdown gist. You do not even need to proceed with making the comment to get the Gist. Really quick and slick ;).

Add a Table

There are lots of ways to make tables. I find the easiest is to use TableGenerator.

Manual Chap 1 Chap 2 Chap 3 Chap 4 Chap 5 Chap 6 Chap 7 Total %
Reads by RG Members 1,949 164 149 214 306 139 132 49 3,102 14%
Reads by non-members 10,921 1,164 834 1,104 3,166 808 1,039 380 19,416 86%
Full Text Reads 3,470 526 338 292 818 275 233 165 6,117
Other Reads 7,451 638 469 812 2,348 533 806 215 13,272
12,870 1,328 983 1,318 3,472 947 1,171 429 22,518

The table above was created from this PubStats(Autosaved).xlsx excel file.

In the video below, I show how to make this table:

Make a Hyperlink

Always provide links to references and webpages where possible to make your resourcs most useful. The syntax is to put square brackets around the text you want to have a hyperlink followed by the URL in parentheses. For example: [My link]( produces My link.

Embed a Video

This provides a link to this video: [this video]( However, this is a more conenient way of providing a thumbnail of that same video using [![Video Link](]( "")

Video Link

Include Citations

Using whatever references you see fit, follow these instructions for Citing and providing a list of references.

If you want to cite Wheaton et al (2015) as a noun... or more passively (Wheaton et al. 2015), you would paste the reference in the reference list at the end:

  • Wheaton J, Fryirs K, Brierley GJ, Bangen SG, Bouwes N, O’Brien G. 2015. Geomorphic Mapping and Taxonomy of Fluvial Landforms. Geomorphology 248 : 273–295. DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2015.07.010

Embed Vignette Gist in another page

The four most common places we will refer to Gists from other pages are GitHub-hosted pages, GitHub Issue Boards, Basecamp and Weebly.

For each of these the first step is to copy the embed code from the Gist page:

For example this <script src=""></script>

Git-Hosted Sites

In the Riverscapes Consortium, all of our sites and documentation is in Git hosted markdown / Jekyll sites. Here is how you embed a gist in one of those pages and what it looks like.

GitHub Issue Boards



Sometimes, it is helpful to embed a Gist in another websites page. If you prefer markdown to WYSWYG editors or html, this can also be a way to author content (admitedly narrow usecase).

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