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Last active Dec 11, 2020
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  • Disable notifications (Alt+Click on icon in upper right) before video-chatting or screen-sharing
  • When writing emails to a team-wide or broad set of recipients, leave the To field blank until the last moment to avoid mistaken sends.
  • In Zoom preferences, check turn off my video when joining meeting and always mute microphone when joining meeting. You'll be joining many meetings, some large, and sometimes it takes a moment to compose youself.
  • Once you do compose yourself, enable video in as many meetings as possible, even large.

About coding as a manager:

Mailing lists

Building trust:


Lean coffee facilitation:


Managing up:


Strategic silence is an advanced-level management skill (I'm still very much working on this): in some contexts, it's too easy to unintentionally override others or transmit authority when you only mean to transmit opinion. In such cases, and especially when a free flow of ideas from all parties is needed, it's sometimes best to just keep quiet.

Related: speaking slowly and carefully, even in awkward zoom forums where my first impulse is usually to spit things out and re-mute as soon as possible.

Onboarding/becoming new manager:

"Focus on areas where each engineer is strong and make them exceptional. You’ll see greater gains from this effort than if you focused on areas in which an engineer is weak and try to make them better. Recognize their talents and let them flourish."

book form:

“Know the difference between crutches and training wheels,” he says. If a new manager serves as “training wheels,” he’s done something to enable his team to execute better and faster in the future. But he’s a “crutch” if he rushes in to do the job himself — removing the opportunity for somebody else to learn.

Each week, I have my meeting with my boss on Monday morning, then my full team meeting on Monday afternoon, and then each 1:1 starting on Tuesday. The order intentionally facilitates top-down communication, so that engineers doing the work have as much context as possible. Otherwise, I become a bottleneck and information will come out in dribs and drabs — from me or someone else. Up-and-down communication is the easiest place for a manager to get lost.”

Parse personality and performance.

Find your truth-teller.

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