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I am having trouble using useInfiniteQuery with a paginated graphql API.
The query expects a `page` variable that is used to get a specific page dataset.
I am currently updating the `page` variable on click the `load more button` and calling the fetchNextPage function.
While this works in terms of getting the next set of data, react-query seems to be returning only on page
instead of returning the previous page + the current page's results. Hence, the results are from the initial page or last page results.
How do I get back results from all the pages?
export default () => {
const [page, setPage] = useState(1);
const {
} = useInfiniteQuery(["data", page], () => getPaginatedProductItems({
per_page: 10,
page // <- note these variables passed specifically this one. It's used to get a specific page dataset
}), {
getNextPageParam(lastPage) {
return lastPage.paginated_product_items_v2.page_info.has_next;
getPreviousPageParam(firstPage) {
return firstPage.paginated_product_items_v2.page_info.has_previous;
return (<div>
{hasNextPage && < button onClick={() => {
setPage(page + 1); // this is updated so that the API can get the next page of data
}> Fetch Next page </button>}
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