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A jQuery plugin to selectively disable the iOS double-tap-to-zoom action on specific page elements (and have that generate two click events instead).

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// jQuery no-double-tap-zoom plugin
// Triple-licensed: Public Domain, MIT and WTFPL license - share and enjoy!
(function($) {
var IS_IOS = /iphone|ipad/i.test(navigator.userAgent);
$.fn.nodoubletapzoom = function() {
if (IS_IOS)
$(this).bind('touchstart', function preventZoom(e) {
var t2 = e.timeStamp
, t1 = $(this).data('lastTouch') || t2
, dt = t2 - t1
, fingers = e.originalEvent.touches.length;
$(this).data('lastTouch', t2);
if (!dt || dt > 500 || fingers > 1) return; // not double-tap
e.preventDefault(); // double tap - prevent the zoom
// also synthesize click events we just swallowed up

Hey johan,

thanks for the snippet!
I'd just recommend adding a "return this;" to make it chainable.


Thanks for this!

Thank you for this. I am using the presses of the button to call a function to increment a counter. I need the double taps to call my function twice. Might it be OK for me to call $(this).trigger('click').trigger('click'); twice in the section // also synthesize click events we just swallowed up.

Thank you again.

Thanks for your idea, I need to port this snippet to javascript.

It dosnt seem to work?

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