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Last active June 29, 2023 09:54
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Systemd Service for homebridge (
# Defaults / Configuration options for homebridge
# The following settings tells homebridge where to find the config.json file and where to persist the data (i.e. pairing and others)
HOMEBRIDGE_OPTS=-U /var/lib/homebridge
# If you uncomment the following line, homebridge will log more
# You can display this via systemd's journalctl: journalctl -f -u homebridge
Description=Node.js HomeKit Server
# Adapt this to your specific setup (could be /usr/bin/homebridge)
# See comments below for more information
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/homebridge $HOMEBRIDGE_OPTS
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VMicha commented Nov 7, 2020

Note for systemd users: Your start service needs to start the NetworkManager-wait-online.service before being able to wait after it is finished:

Description=Node.js HomeKit Server

See for details.

This was the solution for me - thank you fuerst!

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