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void RobotFactory::create(account_name account, robot newRobot) {
robotIndex robots(_self, _self);
auto iterator = robots.find(newRobot.series_number);
eosio_assert(iterator == robots.end(), "Robot with this series number already exists");
robots.emplace(account, [&](auto& robot) {
robot.series_number = newRobot.series_number;
robot.model = newRobot.model;
robot.operating_system = newRobot.operating_system;
robot.profession = newRobot.profession;
robot.owner = name{account}.to_string();
robot.manufactured = now();
// Execute inline action from another contract
// action({permission_level}, {contract_deployer}, {contract_action}, {data_to_pass}).send();
action(permission_level(account, N(active)), N(market), N(forsale), make_tuple(account,
// Execute DEFERRED ACTION from another contract
eosio::transaction tx;
tx.actions.emplace_back(permission_level{account, N(active)}, N(messenger), N(printmessage), make_tuple(newRobot.model));
tx.delay_sec = 12;
tx.send(N(newRobot.model), account);
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