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@johnalarcon johnalarcon/functions.php
Last active Apr 2, 2019

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Filter examples for the Discourse Stats plugin for ClassicPress. These code snips can be added to a functionality plugin or the functions.php file.
// Change the update interval of the Discourse Stats plugin widgets.
function codepotent_discourse_stats_update_interval($seconds) {
return 86400; // 1 day
add_filter('codepotent_discourse_stats_update_interval', 'codepotent_discourse_stats_update_interval');
// Change the date format for the "Join date" of the Discourse Stats plugin for ClassicPress.
// See for all the possible date tokens.
function codepotent_discourse_stats_date_format() {
return 'j M Y'; // 13 JAN 2019
add_filter('codepotent_discourse_stats_date_format', 'codepotent_discourse_stats_date_format');
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