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I'm not trying to precisely match the behaviour of an existing glob syntax unless that behaviour really seems like the most obvious/easiest-to-use syntax. However, I do want globs to feel familiar to use.

I'll say that '**' matches anything, and '*' matches anything except directory separators. Without thinking too hard, how do you expect the following globs to behave?

  1. *.c
  2. **.c
  3. **/*.c
  4. src/*/*.c
  5. src/**

More specifically:

  1. Should '*.c' match '.c'?
  2. Should '**.c' match '.c'?
  3. Should '**/*.c' match 'foo.c'? Should it match 'foo/.c'?
  4. Should 'src/*/*.c' match 'src/foo.c'?
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