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johnbillion / gist:0c75d86169373041259f8af802ec06a6
Created Jul 21, 2020
BMW E39 M5 (MSS52) INPA error codes
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1 Fuel Pump Relay
2 Idle Speed Actuator- Closing Coil
3 Fuel Injector Cyl 1
4 Fuel Injector Cyl 3
5 Fuel Injector Cyl 2
7 Intake Cam Position Sensor Bank 1
8 Intake Cam Position Sensor Bank 2
9 Knock Sensor- Cyl 1-2
10 Exhaust Cam Position Sensor Bank 1
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: No commas found in this CSV file in line 0.
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namespace Foo\Blocks;
* Generic block rendering callback function to load a block from a theme template part.
* Loads a block from the `blocks` subdirectory according to the name of the block, and places the
* block attributes and block content into namespaced query vars. If there's no corresponding block
* template part, the block content is returned unaltered.
johnbillion /
Created Nov 22, 2017
Create a user account for each role on your WordPress site
# wp-cli:
wp role list --fields=role --format=csv \
| tail -n +2 \
| xargs -I {} wp user create "user-{}" "{}" --role={}
johnbillion /
Last active Sep 18, 2019
Use WP-CLI to install a load of Debug Bar extensions (which work with Query Monitor too) in one go
# wp-cli:
wp plugin search debug-bar --field=slug --format=csv --per-page=50 \
| grep -F 'debug-bar-' \
| xargs -n 1 wp plugin install
johnbillion / alphas.csv
Last active Feb 3, 2020
Git commit hashes for the first alpha of each version of WordPress in the master branch
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Version Commit Date
5.4 4b1dd6e54988776227f72507c72cd81a4b337004 2019-10-25
5.3 5640763da953c28033e9f285c7c2a1da4c613aa3 2019-05-02
5.2 6edf51566187f1bba6aa5d891a681b02996ccef4 2019-02-14
5.1 ddc67854a4828a8aa36fc049940fc2ba4bf0604e 2018-10-05
5.0 9f77ec13ffcf1ab14c8699fdb68e728709eb6bb5 2017-11-07
4.9 3c1dfef4ba5c8fe89b46c62f81395313c9814cf9 2017-06-01
4.8 26a28e6450496efc07b6b5fbc3383d3d5f17634a 2016-11-24
4.7 35c66918580f5ecfec1ec4c62feb93dae26d9b08 2016-08-02
4.6 65ec7e5d81f718ea305fe9ccf1b4dde76ee08280 2016-04-12
johnbillion /
Last active Feb 27, 2017
Install all the "Popular" themes from using wp-cli and jq
johnbillion /
Created Feb 18, 2017
Install all available languages on a WordPress site with WP-CLI
wp core language list --field=language | xargs -n 1 wp core language install
svn up --ignore-externals . > /dev/null
svn merge -c$REV ../../trunk .
LOG=$(svn log -r$REV ../../trunk | grep -v '\-------' | tail -n +3)
BRANCH=$(basename $(pwd))
echo -en "$LOG\n\nMerges [$REV] to the $BRANCH branch." | pbcopy
echo ""
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