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For when you _really_ wanna change the type of a input with jQuery
var rtype = /^(?:button|input)$/i;
jQuery.attrHooks.type.set = function(elem, value) {
// We can't allow the type property to be changed (since it causes problems in IE)
if (rtype.test(elem.nodeName) && elem.parentNode) {
// jQuery.error( "type property can't be changed" );
// JB: Or ... can it!?
var $el = $(elem);
var insertionFn = 'after';
var $insertionPoint = $el.prev();
if (!$insertionPoint.length) {
insertionFn = 'prepend';
$insertionPoint = $el.parent();
$el.detach().attr('type', value);
return value;
} else if (! && value === "radio" && jQuery.nodeName(elem, "input")) {
// Setting the type on a radio button after the value resets the value in IE6-9
// Reset value to it's default in case type is set after value
// This is for element creation
var val = elem.value;
elem.setAttribute("type", value);
if (val) {
elem.value = val;
return value;
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