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Last active Oct 10, 2020
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rotating backups in python
import subprocess
import pipes
import time
ssh_host = 'john@john-nas'
backup_dest = '/media/raid/backup'
backup_source = '/'
backup_exclude = "backupExclude.txt"
backup_name = 'backup'
backup_count = 100
def remoteExists(inputfile):
return['ssh', ssh_host, 'test', '-e', inputfile]) == 0
def remoteDelete(inputfile):
print "Deleting remote: {}".format(inputfile)['ssh', ssh_host, 'rm', '-rf', inputfile])
def remoteMove(fromFile, toFile):
print "Moving remote from: {} to: ".format(fromFile, toFile)['ssh', ssh_host, 'mv', fromFile, toFile])
def remoteUpdateTimestap(inputFile):
print "Updating timestamp of: {}".format(inputFile)['ssh', ssh_host, 'touch', inputFile])
def rsync(backupLink, backupSource, backupDestination):
print "Rsyncing..."['rsync', '-va', '--exclude-from=' + backup_exclude, '--delete', '--link-dest=' + backupLink, backupSource, ssh_host + ':' + backupDestination])
def backupPath(index):
return '{0}/{1}.{2:03d}'.format(backup_dest, backup_name, index)
start = time.time()
print 'Checking if remote exists...'
if remoteExists(backupPath(backup_count)):
print "deleting max backup at {}".format(backupPath(backup_count))
print 'Cycling backup folders...'
for i in reversed(range(1, backup_count+1)):
print "Checking backup {}".format(i)
if remoteExists(backupPath(i-1)):
print 'moving backup {} to {}'.format(backupPath(i - 1), backupPath(i))
remoteMove(backupPath(i - 1), backupPath(i))
rsync(backupPath(1), backup_source, backupPath(0))
print "Backup took: {} seconds".format(time.time() - start)
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