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Active Record eager loading strategies

N+1 query problem

  • ORMs make it easy to a query per loop iteration, which we want to avoid


  • single query (left outer join)
  • can reference the other table's columns in where


  • a few queries (one per table)
  • typically faster


  • acts like preload by default
  • falls back on eager_load if you reference the associated tables


  • inner join
  • precise; allows you to avoid loading extra data
  • can use aliases to add new methods to left table's records

Other AR optimizations

  • queries can be built without being fired (calling e.g. all, first, count, or each does that)
  • results of recent queries are cached
  • these don't help with the N+1 problem


  • index on foreign keys
  • benchmark with a remote db if that's what prod uses
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