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I’m interested in writing (or helping to spec out the protocol so someone else can write) the linux kernel driver for Sony’s DualShock 4 (PS4’s lovely controller) Currently using the output of HID RAW from a USB connected dualshock 4… For the gyro/touchpad discovery, I’ve just been using some terrible c code to throw numbers on the screen and it…
TADA, it’s `hexdump -v -e '64/1 "%02x" "\n"' < /dev/hidraw3`
No idea what the first byte is… but I’m going to assume its for device ID for the many users that are connected, but it probably has to be set by the connected machine?
left stick, value, first field is horz (00 left), second field is vertical (00 top)
right stick, value, first field is horz (00 left), second field is vertical (00 top)
face buttons, bitmask, right side: 0 unpress, 1 for square, 2 for X, 4 for circle, 8 for triangle, combinations up to f
face buttons, value, left side: 8 for no value, 0 for up, 1 for topright, 2 for right and it continues clockwise until 7 for topleft
face buttons, bitmask, 0 unpressed, L3/R3 aka analog stick click ins, 1 for share, 2 for options, 4 for L3, 8 for R3,
triggers, bitmask, 0 unpressed, 1 for L1, 2 for R2, 4 for L2, 8 for R2
event, 6 bits, incremented once each query, to track updates
face button, bitmask, last 2 bits of this field, 1 for PS button, 2 for trackpad click // thanks to @evilhackerdude
triggers, value, first is L2 (00 unpressed), second is R2 (00 unpressed)
UNKNOWN time from gyro? ever incrementing, byteorder swapped.
this data is bothering me atm…
battery level, 00 to ff
### GYRO
Relative gyro motion, byteorderswapped, pitch, yaw, roll
Absolute gyro, byteorderswapped, roll, yaw, pitch. 0 for pitch is horizon
Still debating the values and labelling here. Certainly absolute, might have naming muddled.
Unknown! We still have to find LED colour and active rumble output, so I expect these here.
Appears to be EXT info, bitmask, 00011011 is nothing attached. 01111011 is headset with mic. 00111011 is headphones.
Unknown! I expect, but cannot confirm until Sony releases additional products, that the 5 nibbles next are bitmaps for control
commands like volume, etc.
Touches are: 1 bit of event active, 7 bits of event id, followed by 3 bytes of positional data.
Supports 2 active touches, 2 previous touches. Remaining data is unset (for all I can see)
Says how many packets to read, only seen 01 or 02 set
A packet contains two touch events, touches can be ‘null’ by being 80000000
This appears to be another auto incrementing number to track last update, but need to do research…
↑↑ ↑↑
these values are tracking numbers, unique to each finger down, so for each lift and repress, it gets a newly incremented figure
↑↑↑↑↑↑ ↑↑↑↑↑↑
these values are for each fingers’ location, they stay static upon finger lifting, to maintain state. Not sure how it tracks if user is still holding, yet…
To decode, each coord is using 12 bits… you need to mask/split and swap the middle byte
01401D → 0001 468
604738 → 1888 900
Basically this, but written well :^)
short finger1x = ((buf[37] & 0x0F) << 8) | buf[36];
short finger1y = buf[38] << 4 | (buf[37]>>4);
as finger moves over the touchpad, a duplicate motion (likely previous position?) is sent, for both fingers, even if just one is moving
Things I still haven’t discovered: LED status/colour, active rumble status, confirmation of gyro labelling
Audio is dealt with using Bluetooth’s headset spec; haven’t been able to confirm if this is exposed at all over USB, or if it
is meant to trigger automatic Bluetooth pairing and audio connection.
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johndrinkwater commented Nov 30, 2013

Ah, many thanks for the track/ps button find, was going to dig through the other values at the bit level next.

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seidtgeist commented Nov 30, 2013

Here's my current complete nodejs Buffer -> Object mapping code:

    leftAnalogX: buf[1],
    leftAnalogY: buf[2],
    rightAnalogX: buf[3],
    rightAnalogY: buf[4],
    l2Analog: buf[8],
    r2Analog: buf[9],

    dPadUp: buf[5] === 0 || buf[5] === 1 || buf [5] === 7,
    dPadRight: buf[5] === 1 || buf[5] === 2 || buf [5] === 3,
    dPadDown: buf[5] === 3 || buf[5] === 4 || buf [5] === 5,
    dPadLeft: buf[5] === 5 || buf[5] === 6 || buf [5] === 7,

    x: (buf[5] & 32) !== 0,
    cricle: (buf[5] & 64) !== 0,
    square: (buf[5] & 16) !== 0,
    triangle: (buf[5] & 128) !== 0,

    l1: (buf[6] & 0x01) !== 0,
    l2: (buf[6] & 0x04) !== 0,
    r1: (buf[6] & 0x02) !== 0,
    r2: (buf[6] & 0x08) !== 0,
    l3: (buf[6] & 0x40) !== 0,
    r3: (buf[6] & 0x80) !== 0,

    share: (buf[6] & 0x10) !== 0,
    options: (buf[6] & 0x20) !== 0,
    trackPadButton: (buf[7] & 2) !== 0,
    psButton: (buf[7] & 1) !== 0,

    //// usb only, doesn't work via bluetooth
    //// GYRO
    // TODO
    //// TRACKPAD
    trackPadTouch0Id: buf[35] & 0x7f,
    trackPadTouch0Active: (buf[35] >> 7) === 0,
    trackPadTouch0X: ((buf[37] & 0x0f) << 8) | buf[36],
    trackPadTouch0Y: buf[38] << 4 | ((buf[37] & 0xf0) >> 4),

    trackPadTouch1Id: buf[39] & 0x7f,
    trackPadTouch1Active: (buf[39] >> 7) === 0,
    trackPadTouch1X: ((buf[41] & 0x0f) << 8) | buf[40],
    trackPadTouch1Y: buf[42] << 4 | ((buf[41] & 0xf0) >> 4),

    timestamp: buf[7] >> 2,
    battery: buf[12],
    batteryShort1: buf[12] & 0x0f,
    batteryShort2: buf[12] & 0xf0,

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johndrinkwater commented Dec 3, 2013

Noticed psdevwiki has barebones info, so linked to here from

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johndrinkwater commented Dec 10, 2013

A dev with access to USB passthrough has got rumble and LEDs working ‐ but afaik wont be sharing the protocol :<

Have been messing locally with sending packets to the controller to trigger rumble, but it doesn’t appear to use anything like PS3s rumble/LED packet.

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blackjack4494 commented Sep 12, 2017

I've got a problem with trackpadbutton psbutton share and options. I won't get anything triggered there. I used a rpi2 and connected the ps4 controller with usb but that shouldn't matter since I am using hidraw. I guess it is just me failing :D
But would appreciate any clues to that

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blackjack4494 commented Sep 13, 2017

Well somehow share and options is getting triggered. But trackpadbutton and psbutton is still not getting triggered tho I can read that in /dev/input/

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PaolomaldiniI commented Feb 23, 2018

how do this with Bluetooth , i need unix comand

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cleonb32 commented Feb 27, 2022

I tried to implement a project with the USB descriptors found here:; however, the PS button is not working even though I am setting the first bit of byte 7. I saw a brief message on my PS4 that states that the PS button is not supported on this controller. I think the descriptor is not correct because I cannot receive USB data either. I am using an STM32F4 USB 2.0 with my project. Does anyone have a similar issue?

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