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Created Apr 25, 2012
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bright worlds walkthrough
There are a few places where I notice people having difficulty.
Don't read unless you're definitely stuck! :-)
1. The room where you push the light into a hole with lockboxes under it. There's an exit out of this room at the top left that has a +1 that boosts your sanity. Once you take that +1, you can then exit out of the bottom left.
2. The room to the left of the planet summoner. To solve this one, you need to hit the switch to have the enemy drop down onto the switch. He'll patrol back and forth, opening and closing the locks so you can move the directional beam.
3. The room to the right of the planet summoner. For this one, you need to use the enemy *as a block* to fill in one of the holes (doesn't matter which one) and then push one of the other blocks over his head and two screens to the right.
Hope you enjoyed!
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