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Mac OS X - Install Git Completion
echo "Downloading git-completion..."
if ! curl "$URL" --silent --output "$HOME/.git-completion.bash"; then
echo "ERROR: Couldn't download completion script. Make sure you have a working internet connection." && exit 1
SOURCE_LINE="source ~/.git-completion.bash"
if [[ -f "$PROFILE" ]] && grep -q "$SOURCE_LINE" "$PROFILE"; then
echo "Already added to bash profile."
echo "Adding to bash profile..."
echo "Reloading bash profile..."
source "$PROFILE"
echo "Successfully installed."
echo "Git auto-completion should be all set!"

added fork gist: 1105203 : the url did not work anymore. i modified the url there to use raw url of github


johngibb commented Aug 17, 2011

I incorporated your changes, hope you don't mind. I can't seem to figure out a way to merge your changes with a gist a la pull request, so I just manually made the same edit you did. Hope you don't mind!

I get a pointer malloc error when the source "$PROFILE" line execs. That's not my specialty, but if others have this issue I'd be interested to know why. Otherwise the script execs fine (if you use .profile in bash)

@johngibb I ran this code and now my .profile script doesn't source when I open terminal. Any ideas? It works when I source it manually but it isn't doing it automatically anymore.

NM. I recently added a .bash_profile file which is now running instead of my .profile script.

I added "source ~/.profile" to .bash_profile and everything is happy again.

And the git completion is working. :)

vicaya commented Aug 13, 2014

You'll need to add -L to the curl command to follow redirect now

tashia commented Nov 6, 2015

Thanks! I am glad I found this one! I have tried so many links, this one finally make the autocompletion work!

Thanks worked for me on Mac.

Thanks working fine on Mac, i was having issue but corrected it.

Thank you !
works on mac

Thank you!
It works for me on mac.

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