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Last active November 2, 2017 11:49
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Question STORM
Is the token tied to a product usage, i.e. does it give the user exclusive access to it, or provide interaction rights to the product? Yes, 'Makers' are required to pay for posts in STORM tokens
Does the token grant a governance action, like voting on a consensus related or other decision-making factor? No
Does the token enable the user to contribute to a value-adding action for the network or market that is being built? Yes. Bolts can be used to boost Players access to tasks.
Does the token grant an ownership of sorts, whether it is real or a proxy to a value? No
Does the token result in a monetizable reward based on an action by the user (active work)? Yes, Indirectly. 'Players' receive reward units called Bolts in return for performing specified tasks. These can be redeemed for STORM tokens.
Does the token grant the user a value based on sharing or disclosing some data about them (passive work)? No
Is buying something part of the business model? Yes? Makers buy the Players time? Also Storm Shop.
Is selling something part of the business model? Yes? If above then Players sell time?
Can users create a new product or service? Users can create own tasks
Is the token required to run a smart contract or to fund an oracle? No (Assuming it means like ether)
Is the token required as a security deposit to secure some aspect of the blockchain’s operation? No
Is the token (or a derivative of it, like a stable coin or gas unit) used to pay for some usage? Yes, Pay to post task. Bolts used to boost.
Is the token required to join a network or other related entity? No
Does the token enable a real connection between users? No
Is the token given away or offered at a discount, as an incentive to encourage product trial or usage? No
Is the token your principal payment unit, essentially functioning as an internal currency? Yes
Is the token (or derivative of it) the principal accounting unit for all internal transactions? Yes (Along with Bolt)
Does your blockchain autonomously distribute profits to token holders? Don't think there are specific blockchain profits, so no.
Does your blockchain autonomously distribute other benefits to token holders? No.
Is there a related benefit to your users, resulting from built-in currency inflation? No
Total 9/20
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