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Created November 3, 2019 19:32
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I was doing this using the Klaytn network which is basically a centralised Ethereum clone.
The following code would work on Ethereum with a bit of a change - i.e. Caver to Web3
Example contract artificat addition:
"networks": {
"8217": {
"events": {},
"links": {},
"address": "0x3973e66b65b0BdE40aDC747921fc9e5A74D11c55",
"transactionHash": "0x31195434ee44bb48e5209b6103a2cb1a68dfae3c49bb1cd32f7ea5eab9dfd957"
const Caver = require('caver-js'); // Swap for Web3.js
const caver = new Caver(''); // Swap for Infura or similar.
const fs = require('fs');
const HackVibeContract = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync("./client/src/contracts/HackVibes.json")); // Artifact
const sender = caver.klay.accounts.wallet.add(Address);
const payer = caver.klay.accounts.wallet.add(Address, PrivateKey);
async function run() {
// Main deploy actions.
// make sure `data` starts with 0x
const { rawTransaction: senderRawTransaction } = await caver.klay.accounts.signTransaction({
type: 'FEE_DELEGATED_SMART_CONTRACT_DEPLOY', // This wouldn't be used in Ethereum
from: sender.address,
data: HackVibeContract.bytecode, // From artifact pre-compile, $ truffle compile
gas: '3000000',
value: 0,
}, sender.privateKey);
// signed raw transaction
console.log("Raw TX:\n", senderRawTransaction);
// send fee delegated transaction with fee payer information
senderRawTransaction: senderRawTransaction,
feePayer: payer.address
.on('transactionHash', function (hash) {
console.log(">>> tx_hash for deploy =", hash); //
.on('receipt', function (receipt) {
console.log(">>> receipt arrived: ", receipt); // Note this output
.on('error', function (err) {
console.error(">>> error: ", err);
async function testContract(address) {
// Useful for a test interaction
console.log('Testing Contract...')
// Reference to the deployed contract
var contract = await new caver.klay.Contract(HackVibeContract.abi, HackVibeContract.networks['8217']);
// Assert initial account balance, should be 100000
const balance1 = await;
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