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Feature: Manage locations
In order to manage locations
As a user
I want to create and edit my locations.
Scenario Outline: List locations
Given there is a location named "<location>"
And I am on the <language> site
When I am on the locations page
Then I should see "<title>"
And I should see "<result>"
| location | language | title | result |
| location 1 | en | Locations | location 1 |
| location 2 | es | Locaciones | location 2 |
Scenario Outline:: Create a new location
Given I am on the <language> site
And I am on new location page
And I fill in "<name>" with "<location>"
When I press "<button>"
Then I should see "<result>"
| language | name | location | button | result |
| en | Name | location 1 | Create | location 1 |
| es | Nombre | location 1 | crear | location 1 |
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