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Created January 7, 2011 05:45
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Unregisters a post type and removes the menu item
* Usage for a custom post type named 'movies':
* unregister_post_type( 'movies' );
* Usage for the built in 'post' post type:
* unregister_post_type( 'post', 'edit.php' );
function unregister_post_type( $post_type, $slug = '' ){
global $wp_post_types;
if ( isset( $wp_post_types[ $post_type ] ) ) {
unset( $wp_post_types[ $post_type ] );
$slug = ( !$slug ) ? 'edit.php?post_type=' . $post_type : $slug;
remove_menu_page( $slug );
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donaldG commented Aug 1, 2014

Was trying to get this to work, found virtually the same code following the answer here:

I needed to use this in a Child Theme to unregister a Custom Post Type (not the slug) registered from a paid theme's plugin. I ended up removing the parameter from the function, setting $post_type inside the function equal to the name of the post type and then using the 'init' action. Couldn't get it to work without the action (could be b/c of the theme & the post type coming via plugin I suppose) so I have:

if ( ! function_exists( 'unregister_post_type' ) ) :
function unregister_post_type() {
    global $wp_post_types;
    if ( isset( $wp_post_types[ 'post_type_name' ] ) ) {
        unset( $wp_post_types[ 'post_type_name' ] );
        return true;
    return false;

add_action('init', 'unregister_post_type');

Thanks for the provided code!

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dieppon commented Jan 27, 2015

It did not work for me until gave it the priority '100':

add_action('init', 'unregister_post_type',100);

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Priority of '11' worked for me (WordPress default is '10').

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Where exactly do you place this code? in functions.php? and then when the custom post types are deregistered does it have to stay in there?

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fgilio commented Sep 28, 2016

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kjprince commented Oct 7, 2016

@fgilio good find, just note that the function can't be used to remove default post types.

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goodyis commented Oct 30, 2017

None of that worked for me; but probably because the CPT's were from the theme it self. "Flora"

What did work: [placed within child theme --> functions.php]

function delete_post_type(){
    unregister_post_type( 'wyde_portfolio' );

Then used a plugin to rid DB of the post's data.
CPT Cleanup

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None of this worked for me.. Why do we continue to use this horrible CMS? #clownworld

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@fgilio it may be built in. - but doesn't work as this thread shows it is a clusterF8ck nightmare of a solution.

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If you created the cpti in the admin panel - you have to delete it from the admin panel . functions.php doesn't seem to have any effect at all - shocking , I know. .. smh

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