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You are awesome.
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10:48:16 PM: Build ready to start
10:48:17 PM: build-image version: 8e315e54bc4032a32e73290be556cde4f8348c12
10:48:17 PM: build-image tag: v2.8.2
10:48:17 PM: buildbot version: 45cd00068410d70db72c9672cdd014995488e12a
10:48:17 PM: Fetching cached dependencies
10:48:18 PM: Starting to download cache of 314.7MB
10:48:19 PM: Finished downloading cache in 1.578535469s
10:48:19 PM: Starting to extract cache
10:48:35 PM: Finished extracting cache in 15.814918132s
10:48:35 PM: Finished fetching cache in 17.484504179s
View gist:bb46302a07d6c5f7a42e7e68e8971549
echo $(osascript -e 'tell application "Google Chrome" to return URL of active tab of front window')
cd ~/Music/Samples
youtube-dl --extract-audio --no-playlist --audio-format mp3 \
open .
View karabiner.edn
{:default true
:sim 50 :delay 500 :alone 500 :held 500 :simlayer-threshold 210
:templates {:launch "osascript -e 'tell application \"%s\" to activate'"
:open "open \"%s\""
:open-a "open -a '%s'"
:alfred "osascript -e 'tell application \"Alfred 4\" to run trigger \"%s\" in workflow \"%s\" with argument \"%s\"'"
:km "osascript -e 'tell application \"Keyboard Maestro Engine\" to do script \"%s\"'"}
:applications {:Screenflow ["screenflow"]
:Ableton [""]
View kentcdodds.txt
bibbidi bobbidi boo
Does this resonate with you?
Checkout this free course from me:
It's really good and completely free:
Still using prop getters I see
My wife and I watched last night.
This only happens on npm's site
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@andrestaltz Oh that would be nuts
@seldo Wait I mean upside down butts
Butt cheeks with mosquito bites
I just can not stop watching Russian slap fights
When I watched it first, I was a small child.
@crswll In retrospect, it was wild.
That role is often driven by a need.
View tlakomy.txt
“Like I always said, tests are for the weak.
I'm publishing something new as we speak
@taylorbell Wait, that’s an actual quote?
On a slightly more positive note:
Even a single 👍 can make somebody’s day
Backstreet Boys - I want it that way
@devpato Excellent question, where are they?
(And also PL release in May)
johnlindquist / jhooks.txt
Created Apr 23, 2020
A poem from Joel's tweets
View jhooks.txt
Build a resource for yourself and your peers!!
@zrail Ya we did that for years.
I’m pretty neutral on the feedback front.
It’s like an Easter egg hunt.
I'm just being dramatic as well.
Best in class as far as I can tell.
We made all non-course content free to view.
View data.json
"Age bin": {
"<25": {
"susceptibility to infection from exposure": 0.005,
"daily contacts": 17,
"proportion of infected people who develop symptoms": 0.70,
"proportion of symptomatic who get hospitalized": 0.03,
"proportion of symptomatic who need ICU": 0.001,
"mortality rate (of those who become symptomatic)": 0.0001
View there-was-an-attempt.js
import * as vscode from 'vscode';
export function activate(context: vscode.ExtensionContext) {
const decoration = vscode.window.createTextEditorDecorationType({
color: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)',
before: {
contentText: '🙈'
after: {
contentText: '🙈'
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