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"name": "John Doe",
"origin": "Kampala",
"destination": "New york",
"gender": "Male",
"manager": "Alice Doe",
"department": "TDD",
"role": "Senior Consultant",
"tripType": "multi",
"trips": [
"bedId": 1,
"origin": "Nairobi",
"destination": "Lagos",
"departureDate": "2018-10-05",
"returnDate": "2018-10-26"
"bedId": 2,
"origin": "Lagos",
"destination": "New York",
"departureDate": "2018-10-28",
"returnDate": "2018-11-17"
"bedId": 2,
"origin": "New York",
"destination": "Nairobi",
"departureDate": "2018-10-10",
"returnDate": "2018-11-15"
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