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Steam Search Results Item
<a class="search_result_row even" href="">
<div class="col search_price"> &#36;14.99 </div>
<div class="col search_type">
<img src="">
<div class="col search_metascore"></div>
<div class="col search_released"> Oct 17, 2012 </div>
<div class="col search_capsule">
<img src="" alt="Buy Viking: Battle for Asgard" width="120" height="45">
<div class="col search_name ellipsis">
<h4>Viking: Battle for Asgard</h4>
<img class="platform_img" src="" width="22" height="22">
Action, Adventure - Released: Oct 17, 2012
<div style="clear: both;"></div>
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