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Angular Fundamentals Workshop Setup Instructions

Angular Fundamentals

Do you want to get a jumpstart on developing with Angular so you can build robust Web applications? Join us and learn how to work with data binding, create components, and communicate across components with input/output bindings. We'll show how to abstract logic into client-side services, provide services using the Angular injectors, and take advantage of dependency injection. When it's time to communicate with a server, we'll need to talk over HTTP. We'll learn how to send and receive data to and from a server using Http and use RxJS and observables.

You'll also learn how to get up and running quickly with the Angular CLI. Bring your laptop, as you’ll be writing Angular code using what you learn in several hands-on exercises.

Introduction to Angular

Learn about the Angular framework, the requirements to getting started, and the basic of TypeScript.

Angular CLI

Install and start using the Angular CLI to generate new applications. Explore the various features of the CLI for generation, building, and analysis

Modules, Components and Templates

Learn and code your first modules and components with Angular.

Binding and Directives

Learn and code the various ways to display data, capture user input, handle user interaction with events, and display data with structural directives.


Learn how and why we separate logic into services, how they can be injected through Dependency Injection, and how the providers and injectors work with Angular.


Connect to APIs to send and retrieve data, asynchronously, using RxJS and HTTP services.


Learn and code the various ways to add navigation to your apps, including setting up route modules, child routes, route guards, lazily and eagerly loading of modules, and preloading strategies.

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