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// Assume some networked template:
// <template id="foo-template"><a-entity foo></a-entity></template>
// And some initialization elsewhere:
// const el = document.createElement("a-entity");
// el.setAttribute("networked", {
// template: "#foo-template",
// attachTemplateToLocal: false
// });
// el.setAttribute("foo", { someSchemaProp: true });
johnshaughnessy / re: short, helpful hubs vids
Created Nov 6, 2018
I think creating short helpful hubs is a good idea and I think the userinput system can help make sure the vids don't need to be recreated often
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To me these videos make a lot of sense as long as we are careful to leave specific information about bindings that are subject to change _out_ of them, so that updating the bindings does not require updating the videos. I think what is both desireable and feasible in the short term is implementing something like the Steam Controller API's GetDigitalActionOrigins() and GetAnalogActionOrigins(), which we can do because we build up the required data structure each time active devices change anyway, just to put them in order. (These apis essentially let you get device-specific glyphs to show the user how to do something in your app. See or (search page for )
So what it _would_ take to display device-specific glyphs without needing to update the copy / face / video help system?
We can create a handful of thes
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* Prevent click events after a touchend.
* Inspired/copy-paste from this article of Google by Ryan Fioravanti
* Prevent the click event for an certain element
* ````
* PreventGhostClick(myElement);
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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
public class KinectAvateering : MonoBehaviour {
Dictionary<Windows.Kinect.JointType, HumanBodyBones> kinectJointTypeToHumanBodyBone = new Dictionary<Windows.Kinect.JointType, HumanBodyBones>()
{Windows.Kinect.JointType.SpineBase, HumanBodyBones.Hips},
{Windows.Kinect.JointType.SpineMid, HumanBodyBones.Spine},