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require 'ripple'
# Create a client interface
client =
# Retrieve a bucket
bucket = client.bucket("doc") # a Riak::Bucket
new_one =, "application.js")
new_one.content_type = "application/javascript" # You must set the content type. = "alert('Hello, World!')"
# Get an object from the bucket
object = bucket.get("application.js") # a Riak::RObject
puts object.inspect
class Email
include Ripple::Document
property :from, String, :presence => true
property :to, String, :presence => true
property :sent, Time, :default => proc { }
property :body, String
email = Email.find("37458abc752f8413e") # GET /raw/emails/37458abc752f8413e
email.from = "" # PUT /raw/emails/37458abc752f8413e
reply =
reply.from = "" = ""
reply.body = "Riak is a good fit for scalable Ruby apps."
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